Welcome to The CandyFab Project
Wednesday, October 01 2014 @ 07:15 AM PDT

Welcome to candyfab.org and The CandyFab Project!

Coil Welcome to The CandyFab Project!

CandyFab.org is a central site to coordinate development of the open source CandyFab Project-- a 3D freeform fabrication project instigated by Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

We are currently in the process of relaunching the CandyFab Project with brand new hardware: the CandyFab 6000, along with new sites wiki.candyfab.org and forum.candyfab.org. The future is looking sweeter than ever.

If you're new to CandyFab, Here are some older articles on this site that may be of interest to you:

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  4. Slicing STL files in POV-Ray
  5. Fabricating complex shapes: A sugar chain
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  7. Notes on CandyFab and heater design (1.0)
  8. Heater 2.0: a (big) step in the right direction
  9. CFD simulations of air flow
  10. Sweet results with Heater 2.0
  11. Printing Plastic: Works, stinks.
  12. Heater 2.1: Approaching 20 DPI in sugar for $20
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See the CandyFab 6000 @ RoboGames

Come see CandyFab at Robogames this weekend!

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories is exhibiting this weekend at RoboGames-- the "World’s Largest Robot Competition" -- which runs Friday through Sunday June 12-14 at Fort Mason in San Francisco.

Besides cool electronics kits, we'll also have the CandyFab 6000 on display both Saturday and Sunday! We'll hope to see you there!

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BoingBoing video: CandyFab @ Maker Faire 2009

CandyFab is featured in this episode of Boing Boing Video, highlighting projects from the 2009 bay area Maker Faire!
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The CandyFab 6000

We are extremely proud to unveil this new machine, the CandyFab 6000:


It's a brand new CandyFab-- still in beta. A clean break, designed from the ground up with almost no parts in common with the original, the CandyFab 4000. All new mechanics. All new electronics. All new software. A 3D fabbing monster with a build volume of more than 10 liters, yet small enough to fit on a desk top.


Here's one of the first objects to be fabbed on the CandyFab 6000: a drilled sphere, about two inches in diameter and layer thickness of 1/15 inch. There's plenty of room for improvement, and finally we have a machine that can be improved.


And there's much more to come. :)

Today we're relaunching the CandyFab project web site with a new look, a new logo, and new web sites forum.candyfab.org and wiki.candyfab.org, where we'll be building up documentation for the new machine.

In the next few months, much more is coming. We'll be announcing a public (hardware) beta program, announcing kits, and releasing everything-- once it's working well-- under one or more open source licenses.

The CandyFab 6000 will make its first operational public appearance this weekend at Maker Faire-- come say Hi!